Ansible Bender in OKD #2


PoC Definition: Can ansible-bender run inside an OpenShift origin pod?
Answer: Yes!


$ oc exec -ti ab bash

[root@ab /]# id
uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)

[root@ab /]# mount | grep containers
/dev/mapper/luks-460d57c9-ef38-46d4-9bb1-f31b6c0feef5 on /var/lib/containers type xfs (rw,relatime,seclabel,attr2,inode64,noquota)

[root@ab ansible-bender]# ansible-bender build ./tests/data/basic_playbook.yaml fedora:29 test-image

PLAY [all] ***************************************************************************

TASK [Gathering Facts] ***************************************************************
ok: [test-image-20190105-231401150707-cont]

TASK [print local env vars] **********************************************************
ok: [test-image-20190105-231401150707-cont] => {
    "msg": "/tmp/abogz7g00c/ansible.cfg,,"
caching the task result in an image 'test-image-20191405-231405'

TASK [print all remote env vars] *****************************************************
ok: [test-image-20190105-231401150707-cont] => {
    "msg": {
        "DISTTAG": "f29container",
        "FBR": "f29",
        "FGC": "f29",
        "HOME": "/root",
        "LC_CTYPE": "C.UTF-8",
        "PATH": "/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin",
        "PWD": "/",
        "SHLVL": "1",
        "_": "/usr/bin/python3"
caching the task result in an image 'test-image-20191405-231406'

TASK [Run a sample command] **********************************************************
changed: [test-image-20190105-231401150707-cont]
caching the task result in an image 'test-image-20191405-231409'

TASK [create a file] *****************************************************************
changed: [test-image-20190105-231401150707-cont]
caching the task result in an image 'test-image-20191405-231413'

PLAY RECAP ***************************************************************************
test-image-20190105-231401150707-cont : ok=5    changed=2    unreachable=0    failed=0

Getting image source signatures
Skipping fetch of repeat blob sha256:29395e07566574e3bae3a899a7859cdc18fca5accef7b133670dbc7c9762f672
Skipping fetch of repeat blob sha256:a2d6fee87decc48d48c56895ff47c885b19d5e5e7eec920beaad6edd18628cd1
Copying config sha256:8c9be0ba2a39a00edc099cbf143b4a6088e7a23b40fe287a9993f72346497ce7

 0 B / 1.54 KiB [--------------------------------------------------------------]
 1.54 KiB / 1.54 KiB [======================================================] 0s
Writing manifest to image destination
Storing signatures
Image 'test-image' was built successfully \o/

If you read my former blog post, you saw that I bumped into several issues. With help from Ben Parees, I was able to tackle most of them. As I stated in the other post, I decided to make /var/lib/containers/ an OpenShift volume (inspired by origin’s git master), so that I can use the overlay backend. This worked so smoothly that even the whole test suite started passing while running in the pod. The only problem is that I had to abandon the customStrategy build config, since it doesn’t allow you to change the build pod.

There are two remaining problems to solve:

  1. The need for privileged.
  2. Deeper integration.

For the second point, imagine that you’d be able to define your build, specifying Ansible as a source:

kind: "BuildConfig"
apiVersion: "vWishful"
  name: "sample-build"
      uri: ""
        kind: "ImageStreamTag"
        name: "fedora:29"
      playbookPath: "my/favorite/playbook.yaml"
      kind: "ImageStreamTag"
      name: "my-lovely-image:latest"

I would certainly like that.

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