UEFI + LUKS + NVMe can be fun

Recently I get a new laptop at work. I finally wanted to make my dream come true and install Gentoo Linux on it. I’ve installed Gentoo already a few times so this wasn’t a big deal. Installing Gentoo is actually an awesome experience. I learnt so much when doing it for the first time. This time, everything went fine until I decided to install bootloader and boot the thing.

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Recent news in container tech: issue 2

This is an issue number 2 of what’s happening in the world of linux containers. We have 2 items on the menu for today:

  1. Kata containers 1.0
  2. Buildah 1.0

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Dependencies between services in docker-compose

Here’s a question: can Docker Compose wait for a service to be ready (healthy) before starting a dependant one?

Apparently I’m not the only one to be puzzled by this.

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Kerberos authentication in a container

This is a quick one.

We have a bot which uses Kerberos for authentication with other services. Of course we run our bot army in containers within OpenShift.

How do we do it? How can we use Kerberos inside linux containers?

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Not so recent news in container tech

I prepared a demo for my team with (not so) recent news in container tech I discovered. Here it is.

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Unpack container image using docker-py

This is just a quick blog post. I’ve seen a bunch of questions on docker-py’s issue tracker about how to extract a container image using docker-py and get_archive (a.k.a. docker export).

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Efficient git[hub] tooling

This is a follow-up to my previous blog post: “My github pull request workflow”.

I would like to dedicate a complete post on how you can be efficient when using git[hub].

It’s certain that you may have your own tips and tricks up your sleeve. Please share them in the comments.

Let’s begin!

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