Building container images from scratch using Ansible

This blog post is a guide coming from ansible-bender#49 issue.

Okay, let’s start.

Building from scratch, what does it mean? It’s very simple: your base image is an empty directory:

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Git magic: split repository into two

We’ve just hit this point in our project (packit) that we want to split it to two repositories: CLI tool and a web service. I was thinking of keeping the git history for files I want to move to the other repository. There is a ton tutorials and guides how to do such a thing. This is what worked for me: Clone the original repository. Have a list of files I want to remove:

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Updating a group of packages on Gentoo

I wanted to update my gentoo box once again. I did last update probably ~6 months ago. This usually means for me that I get a ton of conflicts:

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Ansible-bender reaches 0.5.0

Exciting times! I just released ansible-bender-0.5.0.

This update contains a ton of new stuff. There is the one feature I am very proud of — configuring the build process by using Ansible variables. Apart from that, I did a lot of bug fixes and usability improvements.

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Ansible Bender in OKD #2


PoC Definition: Can ansible-bender run inside an OpenShift origin pod?
Answer: Yes!

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Ansible-bender in OKD


For the past couple of months, I’ve been working on a project we call “Ansible OCI image builder”. I named the tool itself ansible-bender (and yes, it’s shiny).

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Road to ansible-bender 0.2.0

I’m pleased to announce that ansible-bender is now available in version 0.2.0.

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