Flock 2023 trip report

My first conference outside of Brno after the pandemic. I forgot how stressed I am from the travelling. Didn’t have to wait long to realize why:

  • traffic jam in Brno
  • 90 minutes flight delay
  • downpour of people on the airport
  • border control scanners not made for my height
  • missing connections because of delays
  • never-ending transfers

All of this was worth the frustration to absorb Flock energy and magic.

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Running Pulp operator in a local OpenShift cluster

Today I am running Pulp in Openshift local using the pulp-operator.

These are the commands & notes so I can reproduce this in the future.

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Let junior engineers speak


Imagine a team meeting. It is attended by a diverse group: folks of different experience, skills, age, background, culture, work title, and time on the team.

I experienced hundreds of such meetings in my career. These meetings are usually dominated by:

  1. Extroverts

  2. More experienced colleagues (Senior engineers, leads, managers, and higher)

  3. Folks that are on the team for a long time

  4. Top performers

(a single person can match all 4 :)

Completely unrelated picture I took in Austria

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Post-processing RPM build logs

I’m so happy to write this article. With Packit and Copr, we are improving the RPM ecosystem so much that we can work on User Experience (rather Developer Experience) more and more. Finally \o/

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Always, read, error, messages


And think about them, Tomas! After you’re done, interpret them.


Okay, less poetry, more science.

This is a short story on how I spent a few hours trying to renew a Let’s Encrypt certificate for my home server. And kept on failing. Until I succeeded and learnt a lesson (which is in the $title).

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RHEL 9 and PyPI RPMs

My colleague, @FrostyX, recently shared a Red Hat Developer article, Thousands of PyPI and RubyGems RPMs now available for RHEL 9, with us.

TL;DR access thousands of RPMs automatically generated from PyPI and RubyGems on RHEL 9.

Sounds intriguing, I wanted to give it a shot.

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Decommissioning an old project feels odd

I recently finished decommissioning an old project of ours: CentOS Stream 8 source-git repositories.

It was one of the weirdest tasks I have done in my career.


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