Road to ansible-bender 0.2.0

I’m pleased to announce that ansible-bender is now available in version 0.2.0.

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Ansible and Podman Can Play Together Now

Sam Doran just merged my pull request which introduces a new connection plugin for podman. If you are not sure what an Ansible connection plugin is, hold tight and I’ll show you.

The connection plugin is the component which enables Ansible to execute commands in a target environment: you are probably mostly familiar with these two:

  • ssh — managing remote machines
  • local — executing a playbook in the current environment

Since Ansible abstracts this mechanic very well, you can easily write connection plugins for such a thing as container managers. Ansible has one for docker and some time ago I wrote one for buildah. I concluded it’s time to write it for podman as well, finally (so I can utilize it in ansible-bender).

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Caching mechanism in ansible-bender

A few weeks ago I announced a new project — ansible-bender (ab). It’s a simple tool to create container images using Ansible playbooks. The same concept as ansible-container, but ab is only about builds.

Ansible-bender utilizes an ansible connection plugin to invoke a playbook in a container and buildah as the container technology.

Recently I was able to land a caching mechanism - every task result is being cached. Since ansible doesn’t allow doing such thing easily, it was quite a feat.

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Flock 2018 trip report

Thank you for the contributions and review, Dominika and Jirka.

Fedora and CentOS will be closer

A presentation from Jim Perrin and Matt Miller revealed that Fedora and CentOS dist-git will be tied together. This change will likely provide an opportunity to do crazy, awesome and beautiful stuff. But the key thing is to have a single dist-git deployment instead of 2 at start. Once that’s done, we may start thinking about what to do with it.

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UEFI + LUKS + NVMe can be fun

Recently I get a new laptop at work. I finally wanted to make my dream come true and install Gentoo Linux on it. I’ve installed Gentoo already a few times so this wasn’t a big deal. Installing Gentoo is actually an awesome experience. I learnt so much when doing it for the first time. This time, everything went fine until I decided to install bootloader and boot the thing.

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Recent news in container tech: issue 2

This is an issue number 2 of what’s happening in the world of linux containers. We have 2 items on the menu for today:

  1. Kata containers 1.0
  2. Buildah 1.0

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Dependencies between services in docker-compose

Here’s a question: can Docker Compose wait for a service to be ready (healthy) before starting a dependant one?

Apparently I’m not the only one to be puzzled by this.

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