Flock 2016: my notes

Last week we were at Flock 2016 which was held in Krakow, Poland. Awesome event, lots of news, great people, plenty of conversations and fun.

Here is a list of my notes:


  • Fedora is growing
  • Flatpak is coming!
  • Fedora wants to focus on Atomic spin
  • Fedora is made by community (13 is Red Hat employees)

Layered Image Build System in Fedora

Getting new things into Fedora

  • Open
  • Reproducible
  • Auditable
  • tl;dr talk to people what you want to do, ideally as soon as possible

Packaging chromium

  • Huge project, frequent releases, tons of code and contributors
  • Uses GN as a build tool-chain
  • Downstream patches: rebasing is hard
  • Maintainers should upstream patches ASAP
  • Has team of maintainers in gentoo
  • Lot of bundled libs b/c they move too fast
  • Bundled dependencies are updated when the update is required, not when a new release is done

Containers in production

  • It’s all about building images
  • CoW issues: shared memory, overlay
  • Shared storage impossible to be done with CoW
  • CVEs
  • The team is planning to unpack docker images into an ostree repository
  • Simple image signing: one image can have multiple signatures
  • Remote image inspection: skopeo -> containers/image
  • CoW storage management tool: containers/storage
  • ocid - container management API
    • Implements k8s container runtime interface


  • Was super excited about this: Langdon delivered an awesome presentation
  • Workshop was also very active: everyone asked questions and tried to be part of the discussion
  • tl;dr modules are yum repos and they are built in a funky way in koji using custom tooling
  • It takes time to built even a simple module
  • https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Modularity
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