Handling secrets when building docker images is easy

So you wanna build a docker image. And you need to fetch your application sources from git. Which is guarded by ssh. And you don’t want the ssh key to get leaked into the final image. Bummer.


This is the Dockerfile. As you can see, we clone with ssh://:

FROM fedora

COPY id_rsa /root/.ssh/
RUN dnf install -y git python3-setuptools python3-urwid
RUN git clone ssh://github.com:TomasTomecek/sen && \
    cd sen && \
    python3 ./setup.py install && \
    rm -rf /root/.ssh/id_rsa  # remove the key, we don't want to share with the world
CMD ["sen"]

Important line is:

rm -rf /root/.ssh/id_rsa

as we we don’t want to share the key with the world. (and we think this will work)

We can build now:

$ docker build --tag=sen .
Successfully built 2256d1ba4421

Let’s see if we can access the private key:

$ mkdir image/
$ docker save sen | tar -x -C image/
$ cd image/
$ find . -name "*.tar" -exec tar -t -f {} \; | grep id_rsa

Whoops! Our private key leaked! We need to fix this…

…by squashing layers!!

$ docker-squash -f f9873d530588 -t squashed-sen sen

(use docker history to find out the layer id you want to squash from)

Let’s see if the key is present in the squashed image:

$ rm -rf ./image/*
$ find . -name "*.tar" -exec tar -t -f {} \; | \
    grep id_rsa || \
    echo "You're safe"
You're safe

This is how you can easily solve secrets when building docker images.

Here’s docker-squash. Thanks Marek for writing the tool!

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