Building docker images with two Dockerfiles

So I got asked about this topic after my DevConf 2016 talk: there is a solution available on internets which describes how one can use two dockerfiles to build an image. Whole article can be found here.

What I didn’t like about the solution is that the first image outputs whole build artifact as a tarball to standard output. To me that’s a bit hacky. Since docker 1.8 you can cp files and directories between containers and host. Let’s try to do that!

All of this is because of build secrets. It may happen that you need to authenticate with an external service when building a docker image. In order to do that, you need to have a secret available during build. That’s a problem. This key may leak into a final image (whether via docker history or will be available directly in some layer).

Here’s a solution!

Split your build process into two steps, each step represents its own dockerfile.

  1. Authenticate with external service in order to fetch sources (use private SSH key to authenticate with GitHub so you can clone a repo) and build the project.

  2. Get build artifacts from step 1 and install them.

Let’s do this!

First we need to write a Dockerfile which is able to fetch and build the project:

FROM fedora:23
RUN dnf install -y git
# this is the private key you DON'T want to get leaked
COPY id_rsa /
# just for the demo; we are not using the key actually
RUN git clone /project && \
    cd /project && \
    python3 ./ build
    # make clean would make sense here

Let’s get the key:

cp -a ~/.ssh/id_rsa id_rsa

and don’t forget to blacklist the key in .gitignore!

printf "id_rsa\n" >.gitignore

Build time!

docker build --tag=build-image .

We can copy the build artifact from build container now:

docker create --name=build-container build-image cat
docker cp build-container:/project ./build-artifact

You are free to inspect and post-process the artifact:

ls -lha ./build-artifact

Everything is fine? If so, let’s build the final image.

docker build -f Dockerfile.release --tag=sen .

Is the key in final image?

cat ./
if docker run sen test -f /id_rsa
  printf "Key is in final image!\n"
  exit 2
  printf "Key is not in final image.\n"
Key is not in final image

Whole solution is available in this GitHub repo.

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